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Commercial Mortgage Loans - Prepays Waived

An interesting trend regarding commercial mortgage loans is some banks have started waiving existing prepayment penalties and reducing principal balances, in an effort to encourage borrowers to refinance their commercial debt and move on. This is not just regarding commercial mortgage loans that are

Property Santa?

Christmas is the time for dreams and making wishes, but it is also the time for seeking dreams come true. Next Christmas, some of Sofia's most successful professionals and families will be about to enter their new homes in City of Fountains - an ambitious residential complex different from ever

Practice What You Preach!

After giving out so many Staging Reports to clients it was now my turn to put my home on the market and see what staging could do. First step before listing was to make the "dreaded" list - the Staging Report. Me being a professional stager thought my list was about half the length just be

How to Find a New Home Builder

When you're looking for a new home builder, there are a few things to look for. If you don't look for a few things at the very beginning, you may be disappointed at the outcome. ...

Mortgages for Those With Bad Credit - Some Explanation

Mortgages for those with bad credit are somewhat different than the loans granted to those who have good credit histories. The main difference is that your credit history means less that your debt-to-income ratio.

How to Purchase an Immediate Annuity

You can buy an annuity and start receiving payments from it immediately. Find out how immediate annuities, which are sold by insurance companies, work - and whether they will work for you.

Tips for Moving Into Apartments

Planning a move into apartments from your current residence can be overwhelming at first. But if you plan thoroughly in advance, your move should go smoothly, and before you know it you'll be set up ...

Factors to Work On While Purchasing Property

Though real estate is emerging as one of the leading business options, several people consider it as a gamble. At one end, some are able to hit the gold while at other people are even ...

How to Customize Office Space

Move along at a comfortable pace and painstakingly arrange out the style and size of the furniture you require in the meeting rooms Tampa, since office furniture could be truly pricey. Reused furniture looks just ...

Few Winning Tactics to Stop Foreclosure

If you are able to check the file of a Notice of Default then it will be easy for you to avoid foreclosure and this is considered the most excellent method to stay away from any foreclosure. If required, in any condition- then the lenders need not desire to foreclose, however they will make a folder

How Realtors Can Use History to Tell Stories and Win Over Clients

For Realtors, telling the stories of "your" houses is one way to use history to benefit your business, but there are other methods that will make people pay attention to you. Using these ideas, you will gain credibility, stature - and customers!

What Does the Value of Money Mean?

In general terms, the value of money is used to describe a basic level of respect and appreciation for the importance of making and having money. Often, this phrase is used by parents when teaching their children about the value of money. In more literal terms, the value of money is defined by how m