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How to Make Vegetable Crafts

Crafts can be a wonderful way to pass the time on dreary rainy days when kids are stuck inside. You can use many items in your home to create craft projects. One item that many people overlook is vegetables. Turn vegetables into crafts and one-of-a-kind artwork with a little creative thinking. Cut a

How to Make a House Out of Foam

Foam core boards are foam craft boards with a paper surface. These boards are handy when building small structures. You can create building models, dollhouses, gingerbread houses and other fun buildings to use for play or décor. The foam core board is a sturdy material that will hold lightwei

Adult Face Paint Ideas

Face painting doesn't have to be reserved for children.maquillage 6 image by thierry planche from Fotolia.comFace painting is generally seen as the preserve of children. But whether to enhance a fancy dress costume or to impress other guests at a party with a witty impersonation of a...

New Jersey Artist Grants

Can she get funding?girl with her painting & looking at other painting image by L. Shat from Fotolia.comIn 2010, the New Jersey State Council on the Arts gave out $14 million in grants, ranging from $1,750 to the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation to $1 million to the New Jersey Performing Arts...

How to Get Zoanthids to Open

Zoanthids, or zoas, are saltwater corals that exhibit a wide range of colors. Many hobbyists are collecting zoas in their salt-water tanks, as they are hardy creatures that easily adapt to their surroundings. Zoas have tentacles that extend, which refers to the opening of the zoa. For zoas to open a

Ideas for Canopy Beds

Canopy beds have been around for a long time. Originally, canopy beds kept the cold out and body heat in while someone was sleeping. Now people buy canopy beds because they are beautiful and stylish. The actual covering of a canopy bed can fit in with the décor of any bedroom. Find the perfect

Scrapbooking for Profit Business Ideas

Scrapbooking for profit combines having fun and making money. Selling paper crafts, such as scrapbook pages, is a way to earn a profit from your hobby. These items are in demand by people who love the thought of creating a scrapbook keepsake but do not have the time or interest to create it themselv

How to Make Shower Curtains With Grommet Holes

A fashionable fabric shower curtain makes your bathroom look finished and more interesting than a plain plastic shower liner does. If you choose your own fabric you can make a professional looking shower curtain to complete your bathroom’s decor. Sewing the shower curtain is simple since it

Party Favors and Crafts

Make delicious party favors using craft items and tasty treats.Wedding Favor image by Trevor Goodwin from Fotolia.comWhen giving a party, make it memorable by sending guests home with favors as a token of your appreciation. If you are planning a party on a tight budget, make your own...

How to Use Saucer Beads

Beaded jewelry and accessories are usually less expensive to make than what you would pay at a store for the exact same product. A few simple jewelry-crafting techniques can yield professional looking results. A saucer bead looks like a little flying saucer, as if a round bead had been pinched along

How to Make a Lampshade From Wood

A wood lampshade is a great way to add atmosphere to a den or sunroom. For a table tamp, a four-sided lampshade works best, and is probably the easiest to build. Square lampshades are little more than an open-ended box, and can be designed and built with a relatively basic set of equipment. While a

How To Make Cutlery Jewelry

Old silverware that has become damaged or no longer matches your existing set makes beautiful cutlery jewelry. Actual silver cutlery is the easiest to work with and manipulate in making cutlery jewelry because of the soft metal, but stainless steel will also work. Make a knife handle brooch that is

Making Color Choices for Tray Ceilings

A tray ceiling may add visual interest to a room through its recessed design. These ceilings can be painted different paint colors to complement furnishings or add flair to the room. The colors you choose for your ceiling have a big impact on the feel of the room. Taking time to consider the choices

How to Make a Curtain That Goes in Front of a Closet

Replacing the closet door with a curtain in a small room saves a lot of space. In a small bedroom, a closet door that opens out makes the room look smaller and cluttered. If a closet is open and lacks a door, you can hang a curtain in it to conceal your storage and add a decorative touch to the room

How to Sew a Hem on a Knit Skirt

Sewing a hem on a knit skirt is easier than hemming a skirt made from woven fabric because you don't have to finish the raw edge to keep it from raveling. When woven fabrics are cut, the weave of the threads is disturbed, resulting in threads that will work free and dangle. Because of the way knits

Art Projects Made With Felt

Unlike many other fabrics, felt doesn't fray or tear.hand crafted items image by Susan Rae Tannenbaum from Fotolia.comIn the world of sewing fabrics, felt is one of the easiest to work with. It can be cut without the worry and hassle of frayed edges, and because it's so thick it can be...

Wire Wrap Tools & Techniques

Wire wrapping is a jewelry making technique that uses mechanical joins instead of solder. The pressure of tightly wrapped and coiled wire holds the elements in place. Beads, crystals, glass marbles, stones and found objects can all be wire wrapped to make jewelry elements such as pendants, ear-drops

Projects Using Bugle Beads

Bugle beads are typically sold by the gram in several sizes that include 6 by 1.5 mm, 6 by 2 mm and 12 by 2 mm. You can also find 1/4-inch long bugle beads that are sold in 1/4-pound packages, which equals approximately 3,000 beads. Bugle-bead styles include twisted or straight designs that may be o

How to Hand Sew a Zig Zag Stitch

Whether you have done a lot of sewing yourself or you have simply observed the stitching on various fabrics, you have probably noticed there are a great deal of different stitches that can be used when sewing. Some may be decorative, but many have a purpose, such as the zigzag stitch. The zigzag sti

Difference Between Coral & King Snakes

The harmless California Mountain kingsnake and the scarlet king snake are commonly confused with the deadly coral snake. The snakes have similar red, black and light yellow or white coloring, and the two sometimes share habitats. There are, however, some physical clues that make them easy to tell ap