MLM Success Strategies: How To Turn Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Distributors!

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I was recently on a training call with one of the top female producers in the network marketing industry, Tracey Walker. Let me tell you, this lady rocks!! She is EVERYWHERE - DOMINATES virtually every form of social media on the internet!! She has built a large organisation in just a year using FREE marketing strategies and she gets 14,000+ visitors to her blog every month at no cost. She is in the top 1% in her company at the highest leadership level.

So, here's what I have for you... I wanted to share with you the exact MLM success strategies that Tracey revealed on this call, on how she turns strangers into friends and friends into distributors.

First of all, in order to have a dramatic MLM success, you have to realise that you're in SALES and you have to talk to people. No, I'm not talking about cold-calling people here. You need to learn how to sell yourself more than anything else. People are not interested in your products or business opportunity, they're interested in YOU! So, you have to practice Attraction Marketing in your business - a very powerful concept!

So, how do you sell yourself? You see, social media can be a very powerful platform for you as a marketer, if used properly. Here I'm talking about sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and so on where you can befriend complete strangers. You need to connect with people and start conversations. Your goal should be to build relationships, trust and respect. NO TRUST = NO SALE. If you're struggling to make sales, it may be that people don't trust you enough yet.

You have to understand that people will join you effortlessly when their needs match your offer and you don't need to convince them that you have the best offer on the planet. It's important that you show them that you care and you have their best interests at heart.

Here are Tracey Walker's 6 MLM success strategies to turn strangers into friends and friends into distributors:

1.  Create Awareness

Market yourself understanding that the beginning of the sales process starts with YOU. You need to demonstrate your knowledge, strengths and talent. Find the marketing strategies that work for you. What works for someone may not work for you.

2.  Provide Value and Solutions

As a marketer, you need to position yourself as a leader, giving value and providing solutions for FREE. You must always lead with great value, not your business opportunity or products. Take advantage of blogging, article writing and video marketing to give value for FREE. You can even create your own ebook, video tutorials, report and so on to showcase your talent and position yourself as an expert.

3.  Offer Something That Will Cost Your Prospect Money

If everything you do is FREE, then you'll never make any money in your business, right? Offer something that your prospect will need to pay for to show some commitment. For example, include affiliate product links in your e-mails.

4.  Over-deliver

As the leader you have to go an extra mile and do things like weekly private team training. This will create a sense of community and great team environment, strengthen your relationship with your team and you will start feeling like you have known each other for a long time.

5. High-priced Item Offer

Now is the time to offer your customer a high-priced item, something that they know is right for them. Share your primary business and the benefits of working with you. Don't try to convince or beg them. Refer them to the relevant business sites and let them makes their own decisions without you overloading them with too much information. A fact is, people prefer doing business with those they trust. When you have followed the above process properly, you will allow your prospects to sell themselves on your products and services.

6. Rinse and Repeat DAILY!!!

Go through the process and find out what works best and what doesn't work, make adjustments and repeat the process over and over again. Focus on the income-producing /lead-generating activities and avoid distractions such as e-mail and phone. Focus, consistency and persistence are key. Make a decision that you will be committed to your business no matter how long it takes.

Follow this sales cycle and implement all the MLM success strategies DAILY! Now start connecting with people and create long-lasting relationships!
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