7 Easy Steps to Engage Your Fans and Followers

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Building the energy level and interaction of your fans and followers, keeps them engaged and looking for your products and content.
A lively virtual event, such as training or an online seminar, has active participants that gain more as they collaborate with others, make new friends, and are more likely to maximise the benefits that they signed up for.
The benefit for you is higher rating levels, increased buzz about your virtual event, reduced refunds and a higher chance of add-on purchases.
All meaning more revenue for you.
I'm sure you've asked yourself, "What can I do that is effective? There are all kinds of ideas and strategies, but what really works? How do I get my fans and followers excited and waiting for more?" One fabulous strategy I've seen take off was the addition of an awards and incentive program.
Being rewarded for taking action, people were active in the group, working on their assignments, asking each other for help and really learning from each other as well as the host.
As a whole, the event host generated more energy and added more content than could ever provide on their own.
Building an awards and incentive program into your event can really pump up the energy and get people taking action, collaborating and interacting.
As you work to create your award program, make it creative and fun so that it is relevant to your target audience and the topic of your event.
These are the 7 steps to get that buzz going in an engaging awards and incentive program.
  1. Create the measurement system.
  2. Structure the award strategy
  3. Decide the rewards people receive.
  4. Identify actions for which participants receive points.
  5. Set up a system for tracking the points and progress towards awards.
  6. Communicate the awards program clearly to participants.
  7. Announce the winners and encourage people.
Create the measurement system.
The measurement system determines what it is that people are accumulating to qualify for an award.
This could be points, stars, gold bars, or diamonds for instance.
Have fun with this.
Make it relevant to your audience and content.
For example if your course or event is about financial management for traders perhaps stocks or bonds would be appropriate.
Structure the award strategy.
The structure of the award strategy describes the way that people achieve an award and at what frequency.
The following are some ideas to consider:
  • Give award to the 2 or 3 people who have accumulated the most points
  • Establish levels and everyone who achieves a particular level receives an award
  • Create teams and have them compete to win a prize for each member of the team
  • Decide whether you want to have awards each day, week or just at the end of the program
Decide the rewards people receive.
Use your creativity to create hot awards that people will really work for and talk about.
This could be:
  • An upgrade to the next level of your program
  • Promotion of their work/offer to your list
  • Additional products - courses, books, hard copy recordings of the virtual event
  • One on one coaching
  • Tickets to a live event
  • Gift cards
Identify actions for which participants receive points.
Reinforce the actions that you want to have your participants take when you decide what to award points for.
You can award points for:
  • Comments on your virtual event minisite
  • Facebook likes
  • Facebook comments
  • Tweets
  • Status update on LinkedIn
  • YouTube views and comments
  • Creating a blog post about your virtual event
  • Referring new members
  • Logging into the event website each day, each hour
  • Completing homework assignments
Set up a system for tracking the points and progress towards awards.
Your participants will need to see or track their progress to sustain activity and engagement.
You can track this either on a spreadsheet, have team captains track it on an honor system or use an automated system built into your virtual event minisite.
Communicate the awards program clearly to participants.
At the beginning of the program, explain your awards program, give it a clever name and explain to everyone how it works.
Announce the winners and encourage people.
Remind participants what the next award is that they can achieve.
Implementing an awards strategy for your virtual event minisite is a proven strategy for gaining engagement.
The benefits of which are fabulous for both you and your fans and followers.
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