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Scribe SEO is the modern way to build your business blog.
The blog is the most effective way to advertise your business on the internet.
The search engines like blogs because they are looking for fresh content all the time.
If you keep your blog updated with fresh information on a regular basis, the search engines will find you and rank you higher on their search page results.
You should also use search engine friendly blog posts when you add content.
You want each blog entry to rank high on the search engine results in order to drive more traffic to your site.
The more traffic to your blog the more sales for your company.
But if you do not have help in putting together your blog post, you will be shooting in the dark trying to make your entry search engine friendly.
You need help to make your blog entries more effective.
With the scribe help, you will be able to target your blog posts.
This software plugs into your blog to help you determine the right key word density and key word title.
It will check the number of time and the placement of your key words.
It will check how many times you add a link and let you know where to put the links in your blog entry.
You can also find out where to place your links with this tool.
The software will run a complete check of your entry and provide you a percentage according to the effectiveness of your blog post.
You want to get at least a 70% rating.
If you need improvement, then the tool will direct you to where you need to go to make changes in your post.
You might need to take or add key words to the title.
You may need to move links around in your text.
Your text might have too many or not enough keywords in your text.
You can be hurt by having too many key words just as you can by not having enough.
It is easy to edit your blog to make it more search engine friendly because the tool points you to the areas you need to change.
This is great software that allows you to be as effective as possible with your blog.
You spend a lot of time on your blog entries.
You should make them as effective as possible.
The Scribe SEO will help you make money with your business blog.
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