In Internet Business Money is Good, Money is Great Even But

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If you were good at something (undoubtedly you are) would you want people to know about it? Would you want them to be good at it too? Would you be prepared to teach them your skills for no benefit to you? Could you, would you, in fact, be able to teach them your skills? These are some questions I have asked myself in response to seeing countless adverts and sales letters online where somebody has obviously answered YES to all these questions.
Then I begin to question the motives behind all these positive answers.
MY answers would be Yes (why not be recognised as an expert or a talented person?) No (I like being as unique as possible -- selfish but human) No (..
I was going to say yes -- as a teacher I do teach my skills all the time -- but I guess I DO benefit from it too -- my teachers salary).
YES and NO (Teaching people my particular skills (as an artist) is possible, of course (I teach art as a living) however it takes many years of work trial and error and experience to learn how to draw and paint to a high standard -- and I wouldn't want to teach anything less than to a high standard.
My point here being if I wanted to attract you to a sale of my product or service I would want you to believe that the only reason for my existence is to help you.
But, come on really, would you believe that? I don't know you -- why would I want you to be the same as me? -- have my skills and knowledge (become my possible competitor) be as successful as me and work hard to make sure you were...
for nothing? I pride myself as being highly altruistic and as a teacher and motivator I have spent my life helping other people.
I also support charities and donate a sizeable percentage of my income to worthy causes, but I am also human and as such I am certainly not whiter than white...
(or whatever the phrase is?) What I wouldn't do however (because I think it is totally counter productive in the long-term) is give the false impression that I wanted to help someone just because I am a nice guy when all the time I am angling for a sale or other benefit.
If you have read any of my other Internet marketing articles - and if you haven't...
why not?(only kidding) -- (and if you have, hey thanks!) you will know that I HATE exaggeration or deceit when it comes to selling (I am sure I am not alone) and I cannot see anything wrong, even from a marketing point of view, with being totally honest, ethical and straightforward.
If I was good at making money (I wish!) and I wanted to help you make money as well I would tell you the real reason I wanted to help you (and the reason wouldn't be because I am such a nice person).
I would tell you that by helping you to become successful at making money I would become more successful at making money myself.
All people, of course, are different we all have different attitudes, goals and desires, but if you surf the Internet looking for business opportunities or Internet marketing advice you will soon get the impression (as I have) that it seems earning and collecting money is the sole purpose in life of far too many people.
Money is good, money is great even, but remember it is also the route to evil for far too many people.
Why am I writing this -- and other articles? Because I simply want to pass on advice and help? Because I am such a nice guy? Yes and yes -- but the main reason of course is that it is to my benefit (as well as yours hopefully).
I get publicity but also I hope that you will identify with some of the things I say and get to know 'where I am coming from' in my Internet marketing and that you will consider some of the points I make when planning your own marketing campaigns.
I REALLY would like to see a return to honesty and integrity in advertising.
I know it's not going to happen, but at least if you connect with this article I know I am not alone in wishing it.
The Internet IS a wonderful place for business opportunities, but it is also a breeding ground for dishonesty and low-life scams...
please be careful
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