Is Ranking in Google As Easy As Using Google?

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Google's algorithm which helps websites rank, or boots them out of the search results entirely has many variables to it.
The thing is - Google can only use what it knows.
If you think about it - using as many of Google's services like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Email, Google RSS Reader, Buzz, and the rest of it - makes sense if you want to rank in Google.
Google has access to heaps of data through these services they offer for your website.
Do you think they're using the data from them to decide how you should rank? They are screening emails to decide what ads you might like to see above your email inbox...
I think it's a pretty safe bet to say they are using whatever information they have to decide where your site is ranked for top terms important to you.
Google employees like Matt Cutts have said again and again that Google wants to index the best pages online and answer the queries that Google users type into the search engine.
Google wants the best sites to rank very highly because it shows the world that Google's service is irreplaceable.
It shows that they know which sites will answer your query.
If they had AOL, Geocities, or MySpace profiles showing up in the top results for a keyword searches - how would that look? Not so good.
By using Google's services you are telling them everything about your site possible.
You're telling them how many people are using it, what the bounce rate is, the demographics of the people using the site, whether the site is for ecommerce or other use.
Whether it's being updated frequently, and many other variables Google must be using to decide how well your site compares to other sites.
Currently Google has a long list of services - nearly all free, that you can put to use for your business.
Here are some:
  • Analytics
  • Calendar
  • Checkout
  • Documents - including presentations, docs, spreadsheets, forms
  • Email
  • Maps
  • Photos
  • Reader
  • Sites
  • Webmaster Tools
  • YouTube
Why would using Google applications give you a jump on other businesses that don't employ this tactic? For the simple fact that Google created all these tools to help you create quality content online.
For instance, in Google Webmaster Tools there are many tips that can help you better format your site to be optimized for Google.
Someone not using these must be losing out.
In webmaster tools you can configure many options too.
You can tell Google:
  • every page you want indexed by using a 'sitemap'
  • which country you prefer your site to be found in above all other countries
  • whether your website should be know as http: //www.
    com or just yoursite.
  • how quickly the Google bots (spiders) should crawl your site in case you have a server that is subpar.
One of Google's top tools you could use to add content to your site is by embedding YouTube videos directly onto the pages of your site.
Google loves multimedia.
If Google is using all the information they have from customers that are taking advantage of all Google has to offer with the services mentioned above and how they relate to website ranking, they will probably never tell us about it.
We can only guess that they are doing it because it just makes a whole lot of sense, and enables them to give us the best results for our Google queries.
Use Google for everything, all their services are free - and  they offer some great ways to beef up the content and formatting of your site so it's more easily found.
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