What To Do When Preparing To Become A Web Hosting Reseller, But You Are Not Prepared To Offer Suppor

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This article treats the most common issues related to offering support services when running a web hosting business.
If anyone plans to start and to run a long time hosting business, then support services is the key for making the clients stay with you.
The support requirements are strictly linked to what kind of web hosting business you are planning to run.
In short, there are several scenarios for offering web hosting services: 1) you buy your own dedicated server and start selling hosting packages by using some web hosting automation software, support is done by yourself or by people hired to do the job; 2) buy a common reseller package and find an outsourced company to do support; 3) buy a reseller package that offers end-user support included in that reseller hosting account; 4) sign-up Sign up for a hosts affiliate program and you usually can get money per each signup or per total amount of money spent by the referred client; The first option raises big issues when considering things like, administration expertise, billing, customer questions to answer, helpdesk.
Therefore, it is only recommended for the most experienced webmasters and for sure it does not simplify the customer support process.
The second option also raises problems, because the level of communication requirements is still pretty high and, in addition, it can be pretty costly.
Option 4 does not offer the advantage of having your own brand, while still offering you rewards in terms of earnings.
If you don't want to run your own infrastructure and you don't want to offer support, this seems to be by far the best solution.
We left at the end the option 3.
According to many opinions, it is recommended to become a reseller for a hosting company, which offers anonymous support on your behalf.
In addition, you don't have to bother with server administration and billing.
Especially when you are a beginner, is best to start with a reseller first.
As a good advice, for the beginning you can start reselling packages from a company you have used before as your hosting provider and that had excellent support.
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