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If you're reading this you're probably like me.
You've tried network marketing or MLM and found that hitting on all your friends and family and holding meetings and approaching everyone you met at the store, on a plane, or just walking down the street isn't for you.
You didn't make any money anyway.
You probably got into this form of business because you needed some extra income.
You need "stuff" for your kids, you want to take a vacation, you're retired on a fixed income, or you just plain need to make extra money and saw network marketing or MLM as a way to do that.
If you're a stay-at-home mom, you're doing that because you want to be with your kids.
If you want to take that long awaited vacation, you believe you deserve it.
If you're retired like me and just need extra income to meet expenses, you don't have to worry about being "hired" to do some low paying job (maybe again!).
It didn't work the old way so now you're looking for a new way to work the home based business because you still believe it has potential to meet your needs and expectations.
But how? Online advertising may be your answer.
It's not necessarily fast or easy, but can be very effective.
One new term is now "attraction marketing.
" This means taking time to put articles (like this one) out in the internet world and providing valuable information or services for people.
When people contact you, they are really giving you permission to communicate with them.
As you develop relationships, these individuals will then begin to trust you and search you out on the net.
It does seem confusing when you start seeing all the "hypey" ads about buy my software, promote it, and you can make millions instantly.
Well, the old saying "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" holds in this case too.
It does take work, but you can see that work paying off as people come to you for information and product as time passes.
Over time you will begin to build relationships, both personal and business, and that is fun.
This is a simple business really.
You must generate leads, qualify those leads and then follow up with those leads until they take the action you want them to take.
They will either tell you to stop communicating with them or they will purchase product from you or join your downline to become a productive distributor.
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