Smart Menswear For Summer

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Summer is the trickiest time to pull off a smart office look. Your favourite suit will feel far too warm and look too structured, but you can hardly wear shorts and t-shirt to the office.

This is where our "smart wear for summer" guide comes in. This article will help you dress for summer whilst still looking formal enough for the biggest meetings or most special of occasions, giving you lots of men's fashion advice to get the look right.

Linen Suits

A linen suit should be a man's staple during the spring and summer months, it's the perfect middle ground between a suit and something much cooler. Linen is a natural fibre that allows air to pass through, so unlike manmade fibres it allows your skin to breathe, and as such keeps you cool.

Linen suits are perfect for casual workdays, special occasions, or holiday wear, but they can be seen as too casual for meetings or the office. If you want to wear your linen suit in a formal setting then always make sure it's carefully ironed, it's the creased nature of linen material that makes it look less smart.

Short Sleeve Shirts

Short sleeve shirts are essential in warmer weather. If you're wearing a suit they're the easy choice; they'll keep your arms cooler and look just as smart.

Be careful though, short sleeve shirts aren't always seen as being quite as formal. If you're not sure whether a short sleeve shirt is appropriate then stick to long sleeves but make sure your shirt is cotton, otherwise you'll be boiling up in no time!

Choose thinner fabrics in light colours for a cool and summery office outfit; anything too dark will make you feel warmer.


The fabric you choose is the most important consideration when it comes to dressing in the summer months. If you're choosing a shirt, trousers or a suit they should always be made of natural fabrics like cotton and linen wherever possible. Try and choose styles that are cut a little more loosely too, tighter styles are usually warmer, and also more likely to show sweat patches in very hot weather.

Suit Survival For Summer

If you have to wear a full suit in the summer, then we have a few tips to help you survive:
  • Opt for grey instead of black; this slight change can help you feel cooler
  • Always wear a short sleeve shirt under a suit; no one will see your arms anyway and it's an easy way to keep a little cooler
  • Avoid ties wherever possible, they make you much warmer at the neck and stop the flow of air – which is what keeps you cool. Try wearing a plain white shirt, open at the collar with a grey suit - a smart but summer appropriate look for the office or for any summer occasion
  • Ditch the jacket if at all possible; a pair of smart trousers and an open neck shirt is usually smart enough for formal summer occasions
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