2013: Top 3 Intriguing Web Design Trends for Small Businesses

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Web design is dynamic realm and each year promises to bring in new design methodology.
Before web designers even know there is a new trend waiting for them to unwind.
Brands, users are always vying for better and scalable options of communication.
With more and more responsive designs creeping in here are the website design trends of 2013 for small businesses, that designers must look out for: Large Screen Imagery The aim of small businesses is to pose a lasting impact on its users within a short span of time.
High resolution images covering full screen are the latest vogue with not only fashion and entertainment but with most e-commerce sectors too.
Brands are progressing towards offering a feel of the actual product to its customers and quality images help to make an instant connection with the viewers.
The web is moving towards gorgeous and eye-catching responsive graphics which will help companies to lure existing and potential customers, in a big way.
Using large photographs on the site background has two effects.
Either the focus is on content or on the picture itself.
Whatever the motive, the whole purpose of using creative visuals is to offer an experience that is dynamic and useful.
The quality of image and page load time can be optimized by using the appropriate image format like,.
Jpg and.
Jpeg is good for creating photo formats while GIF displays lines, circles, shapes and text well.
The large background space of a website is not restricted to displaying of photos alone but includes illustrations, videos and animations.
The trend is picking up slowly and is here to stay for a long time.
User Experience Design (UX) Web designers evaluate their user preferences before designing customized designs for them.
Small business web designs must be inclined towards their users.
UX addresses about the exact feelings of a user when they are face-to-face with any system.
Usability studies led by upcoming businesses will play a major role in streamlining business motives.
However, deploying user based designs is an on-going process that will lead to competitive businesses in the future.
The elements of a user experience design are usability, data architecture and interface design.
UX works on two different approaches one is to understand your users and the other is to tactfully deal with them using interfaces with efficient usability metrics.
Picture your message as a story that has to be communicated well to your audience.
Display your product, convey the feel of the product and then get into technical details.
Though simple but this approach is highly effective and will reap desired results.
Web Page Layout Properly balanced web pages aid the user in easy navigation.
Content can be placed on web pages in an organized manner like in the form of a pyramid with the most important points right on top.
Another approach is to apply data funnels on web pages.
Organized information on web pages helps to direct user's attention where it is believed necessary.
Applying grid layouts categorizes content in the most appropriate way and aids in better striking web presentations.
Mixed-grid layouts are best to maintain consistency among various web pages.
Before starting with grids define elements like text and images on your web page and work them around your grid structure.
Additionally bear in mind that no matter what, your page margins will differ in every web page as you may require space to squeeze in headers, footers, logo or links.
Lastly give a good thought to rows and column gap.
Do not keep it too broad or narrow as it will distract users while reading.
In Conclusion Though the above mentioned design elements are being called trends soon they will become the norm, of 2013 web design for small businesses.
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