What You Want To Achieve Of Your Product

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The purpose of building a list of opt-in subscribers is to eventually sell your product or service to them.
After all the marketing campaign and traffic generations effort, is your product or service up to the standard as expected of by your customers? Even if you have a best product in the world but do you know what is purpose of your product that you want to achieve? • Probably you want to penetrate a niche market with your new product.
You might want to create a publicity stunt by giving away your most valuable item away free-of-charge in order to entice them to buy from you.
• You want to create a brand-awareness about yourself with the fantastic product of yours.
You might have an ulterior motive to dazzles people of your range of product, that ranges from free to the most expensive.
You want to give them a sense of fulfilment and positive feeling of owning your products.
• After you have established a brand name for yourself and have penetrated your niche market, you might want to maximize your profits.
You have an affinity for your market and you have a profit maximization product.
• You want to a product that maximizes profit and you also want to minimize your marketing costs.
It is possible through viral marketing.
Viral marketing is creating a product that could generate an emotional buzz or excitement all around.
It helps, spread like wild fire especially if, people like your product so much they share it with someone they like.
• Most importantly, you want your "front-end" product to be the most valuable and desirable to your customer.
Then you might want to create it into a series of other complementary products and up-sell them.
You might want your customer who have bought from you before, to buy from you again and again.
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