The Secrets of Cologne

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When it comes to cologne and buying and using the right one, you have to take certain steps and pay attention to a few things because it's not just going out, smelling a cologne and loving it and then using tons of it.
Of course, the first thing you have to do when buying a cologne is to smell it and choose your favorite one, the one you think will make a good impression with everyone around you, especially the ladies.
When you test a cologne, you have to apply some on your skin so that you identify immediately any adverse reaction your body might have to that particular cologne.
Then, you should also take a day in order to make sure that there are no such negative reactions and then you can go and take the money out of your pocket.
When it comes to the things you should or you shouldn't do as far cologne is concerned, you should take into consideration the fact that the food you eat is a very important factor.
If you eat Indian food, for instance, your body will most probably amplify its strength, but not necessarily in the way you would want it to.
Also, you might consider dropping out if you have eaten curry for dinner and put cologne on.
It is also very important to know what kind of skin you have.
For instance, you should know that cologne persists longer if you have an oily complexion, but if you have dry skin, you might want to apply it again after a while, because the sent won't last very long.
These are only a few things you might want to know about cologne and the way it is handled by your skin, but there are also other details you might want to pay attention to.
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