List Building With Articles - Step By Step Outline For List Building With Articles

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One of the best ways to build your opt in list is to use articles as a large part of your list building strategy.
Articles are proven to add laser targeted leads to your list and the following outline will show you step by step how to use list building with articles.
Step #1 - You need to keep your articles fairly short and to the point.
Your articles should not be any longer than 350 words.
This way you can keep your reader interested and wanting to learn more from you.
If you find that your article is going to be much longer, then break it up into two parts.
Step #2 - You will want to use your resource box at the end of your article to invite your reader to visit your website.
Make sure your resource box offers a powerful and useful free report or bonus for visiting your web site and let them know they can get even more great information by viewing your offer.
Step #3 - Now comes the list building part of using articles.
You will want to set up a very simple, short one page website.
This web site should have a compelling headline and offer a freebie of some sort.
Then you will want to use three to five bullet points outlining the benefits of your free offer and what your visitor will learn.
You will need to set up a small form or subscription box where they can enter their name and email address.
This is how you will be building your list.
Now what you need to do is write and submit more articles and keep building your list.
Send the people on your list great content mixed in with great offers for products and over time you will should see profits coming in.
List building with articles should be a large part of your every day marketing efforts.
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