How to Design a Site to Get Rich Quick

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In order to get rich quick you must first find a way to take your product and either sell it to the masses or give it away for free with advertising as your primary income creator.
Just having a site does not mean that people will just come to it.
I am going to go through both forms and show you how you can get rich quick using both forms.
The method I will first go over is selling a product on your website in order to get rich quick using mass marketing techniques and clever copywriting.
You will have to bring visitors to your site in the usual avenues, such as classifieds, link posting, viral marketing or search engine traffic.
 The difference in making a site that sells a product is that you will need to give all the visitors sales pitches on your site in order to entice them to buy it.
This sounds deceiving, but imagine it to be like the text on the side of a box of something you would buy at the store.
Even though you are at the site that sells this product, the sale needs to be complete and that is why the ad copy is there.
 What can I sell? Almost anything on the internet has affiliate programs in which you can sell your favorite products to people and make a generous commission.
By far the easiest way to get rich is to promote (you guessed it) get rich quick products.
The great thing about joining a system that sells get rich quick programs and products is that most don't just leave you on an island by yourself like most affiliate programs.
 They teach you how to promote and sell your site efficiently because they have an invested interest in you.
Many have 1up, 2up or even 3up programs where you pass along some sales commission to your sponsors.
To most people that seems like a total drag, but if you think about the concept, you will realize that this is actually in your favor.
It does upset you to pass along a hard earned sale to your sponsor, but you have to realize that your sponsor will want to help you with all aspects of the business in order to have to produce sales to make him rich quick.
It is actually win-win for everyone.
The other method that I wanted to discuss is getting rich quick using advertising on your website.
There are a few different ways that you could do this, but I am going to go over two, which are banner ads and Google AdWords.
Banner ads are image ads you see regularly at the top, bottom or sides of a webpage and are always clickable.
When you click on it you are sent to another website usually to purchase or sign up with a program.
On your website you can get paid either for every hundred impressions or clicks.
With Google AdWords, you have keyword targeted text ads on your sites that, if clicked on, you share in on the price that Google is charging that advertiser.
Google AdWords has now become the largest advertising network on websites over the internet.
Many websites now imply both methods in order to maximize the get rich earning potential that each website you put your sweat into makes as much as possible.
If you look at many blogs in the get rich or make money keywords, you will see that many have AdWords as well as selling an affiliate program or a service.
  You hear of the extremely wealthy that made it on computers, but you never hear about the average people making $500,000 to $2,000,000 a year on the news or tabloids.
There are many of these marketers though, and they all started where you are now:  reading an article.
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