Five AdWords Mistakes You Really Do Not Want To Make

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Below, we take a look at our top five mistakes when it comes to AdWords and some of the things that you really should be avoiding! Payment Options - You have two choices when it comes to paying Google, one is before you get the traffic and the other is after you have had the traffic, which can suit some firms more than others.
For example, if you always like to be in charge of what you are spending and be able to cap the spending, you should go for Manual payments, which means you can put as much as you want into the account and top up when you need to, or if you prefer Google to take a set amount a month, then go for Automatic.
If you get this wrong then you could end up either not having enough money in your account or you could see more money fly out than you expected, so just make sure you choose the payment method that suits your business the most.
One Adgroup - When setting up a campaign for the first time, you are dreaming of more business, sales, enquiries and traffic and do not really spend the time making the campaign as effective as you possibly could.
One of the biggest bits of advice we can offer to any client setting up a pay per click campaign is to have multiple adgroups that then have unique and relevant adverts and keywords.
For example, if you were a garage selling 3 makes of car, have four adgroups, one for general car sales and one each per make, which will then make your keyword and advert more relevant and hopefully increase your quality score.
High Bidding - We all want to be top of the tree when it comes to a search engine ranking, but sometimes the cost of this can simply be far too high and you can end up spending your entire budget in one day.
You need to take a step back and look at your budget overall and try to make sure that you are not only spending a realistic amount, but also spending it wisely.
For example, if you have 20 keywords and one of them is eating up your budget, how do you know if the others might work better for you? Keep an eye on your budget and where you are spending it and don't be afraid to pause keywords to give the others in your group a shot, as you may just be surprised.
Incorrect Keywords - Having incorrect or non related keywords is a big no no when it comes to AdWords, because you will end up chucking money down the drain and annoying people at the same time.
If you only sell blue cars, do not bid on red cars or yellow cars hoping to convert the visitor into your product, because although you may be able to do this occasionally, most of the time you are just wasting their time and your money.
Make sure that your keywords are both relevant and specific and make sure that you try to be as detailed as possible when it comes to search terms as you are trying to find the people that are ready to purchase immediately, which detailed and targeted search terms often indicate.
Leaving It Along - Although we have taken a look at some of the biggest mistakes when it comes to AdWords, by far the biggest mistake you can make is to just leave your campaign alone and never touch it or play with it.
Make sure that you spend a lot of time in the first few days adjusting your campaign, making sure your bidding is realistic and finding a few new keywords and then over the course of the month don't be afraid to try different variations on your advert, groups and keyword bidding.
A good campaign never finishes, it just continually develops and improves.
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