Some Invaluable Tips For Your First Florist Business!

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Do you have a real passion for flowers? Are your friends always asking you to help them with a special arrangement they cannot finish? Not only this, but you are also brilliant at growing flowers and experimenting with different mixtures of cuttings of plants and buds for your pleasure. If you recently bought or received some professionally arranged flowers, and thought 'I could do this better myself!' Then what are you waiting for? Perhaps it is the right time to have a look at the lucrative world of the florist business!

Get Started!

First of all you will need a solid business plan; start off with a list of questions you have asked yourself.  Here is a short list:

•    Where should my premises be?
•    How many people should I hire?
•    How big should my shop be?
•    What name should I choose?
•    Should I specialize or be a general florist?
•    How much will this all cost?
•    Do I need a loan?

You should find the answers for all of these before taking the next step.

And Then….

Even if you are ultra skillful when it comes to flowers and arranging them; you need to acquire a license before opening your business. You will also need to source out a decent supplier for your floral stock. This will probably be a local market that specializes in plants and flowers.

Your Shop

The location for your outlet should be somewhere that is easily accessible for your potential customers. A high street will be ideal but could prove to be expensive; also do not set up shop too close to a competitor. Think of a stylish name and also spend some considerable time looking at various designs for your shop.


You will need to produce lots of advertising sources for your new shop; business cards, calendars, bags and a decent website should be enough for the outset.


Speak to all of the available sources for your stock and get a competitive price option. You could do worse than visiting wedding shops, funeral parlors and local businesses to tout your prestige floral goods.


If you live in a very warm of very cold country; then you will need to consider heating or air conditioning for you premises. Some flowers are particularly delicate and you will need to take this into consideration when planning your expenses and outlays.


Your staff are a very important aspect of your business and you have to be very diligent when choosing the right employees. They should be as passionate about the florist business as you are, and more experienced. If you are starting out in any trade, you will need some wise shoulders to lean on every now and then!
The Big Day!

'You only get one chance to make a first impression!' And as the saying goes; you should make the opening of your shop a big deal indeed. Call the local press, offer some free products and above all make sure that everybody remembers the name of your shop for weeks to come!
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