Demystifying the SEO Marketing Myths

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Many Digital Marketing agencies assume that the visitors visiting their websites are already well aware of the concept of SEO marketing. However, the fact is that not everyone has good idea on the Internet marketing. And the worst thing to find is that not all of them have the idea why Internet marketing is good for their online business. Marketing on the internet is a very new and quickly growing concept. This new concept is making real difference to businesses across the globe. Whether it is SEO or SMO, both play instrumental role in making the online businesses rank and position.

But, before we go ahead, let's clearly define - "What is SEO Marketing?"

SEO comes first. It is the process of diverting the web traffic through natural and organic listings. Talk of any search engine- Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. content is shown and ranked based on the relevancy factor. Search results that come in top listings are generally relevant to the users. Web businesses across the globe are always vying for these top listings.

In simple terms, Internet marketing is marketing your web business on the search engines. Putting in place smart SEO marketing strategies help the business to grow and beat the online marketing competition. If you are stuck up in the old concepts of marketing, it is the time that you get educated.

Do you think that writing Metatag descriptions will help in the Google rankings? Not anymore. Metatags are not indexed by Google and Bing. But, this doesn't mean that you need to ignore them. Metatags is the text that shows up with the link in the search results. If you have relevant and natural flowing content in the Metatags, the visitors will be compelled to click on your listing.

Do you think that by submitting your website to search engines will help you rank? Well, that strategy really worked in 2001. But, in the 2014, this will not help you to put your rank on the top. There is absolutely no guarantee that your website will be indexed by search engine crawlers.

Talking specifically of Google, PageRank is no more a deciding factor in SEO Marketing. It is just one criterion Google is using to figure out how the pages should be ranked. There are many websites with low PageRank that have high placement in the SERPs if Google thinks it's more relevant than one with high PageRank.

Hire the services of Digital Marketing agency. The agency will help you in planning your Internet marketing strategy and boost your business.
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