Put Your Marketing Plan Into Action - Problems You Might Encounter On The Way to Winning New Clients

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Let's say that you've put together a marketing plan to win new clients for your service business.
Now, it's time to put that plan into action and go out and make new business happen.
Here are some of the problems you might encounter, and how to fix them.
You might want to start right away, even before you are prepared.
Start to take action immediately, even if you're not fully prepared.
There are plenty of preparatory actions to start anyway.
begin by exploring new venues to network.
Develop affiliations and relationships of trust with your target market.
Research where you might find your target market.
Investigate where you need to develop contacts to help you with your strategies and start that process.
You don't have your marketing writing or website writing done.
While you're taking preliminary action, spend time making sure that you've got all your marketing materials perfected.
You want to be able to respond professionally when prospects request more information about your business.
The time-line for your marketing plan keeps changing.
Don't expect your time-line to be correct and fixed.
Think of it as a guideline when you're getting started.
Once you're fully prepared, revisit the time-line of your marketing plan, and tweak them.
Transfer the specific date/activity commitments into your calendar.
Clarify what you're going to do when, and fit it into your real life by calendaring.
You don't follow through on your marketing plan.
Keep those calendared commitments.
Do what you've agreed to do when you put the commitments into your calendar.
If you find that you resist doing an activity, explore why that is true.
Have you committed to do something you don't like doing and will always avoid? Were you unrealistic? Did you think you "should' do the activity, even though you dread it? Get to the bottom of your resistance, and remove anything from your marketing plan that you will not follow through on.
You take action, then let the marketing plan become inactive.
Keep taking action.
What you want to do is build momentum, and establish a marketing habit.
Showing up regularly at specific venues and events builds familiarity and trust among your target market.
Being sporadic and inconsistent makes you appear to be someone who "shows up occasionally" but has no commitment to the group.
You will never build relationships this way.
Look for settings where there are many prospects in your target market, and you enjoy the activities.
You want to discover several venues where you enjoy showing up and you like the people - who are also good prospects for your business.
You are not consistent and your marketing never develops any momentum.
Be consistent.
Follow through on your plan.
Tweak it as you discover anything unworkable.
Be flexible as well as committed.
You must realize that marketing is a long-term business activity.
you don't just "market" once and forget about it.
You market regularly as one factor of doing business.
Unless you're marketing regularly and predictably, you're unlikely to keep a steady flow of new clients - the lifeblood of your business.
Put your marketing plan into action.
Stay in action.
These are some of the problems you will encounter as you put your marketing plan into action.
Put these solutions into place, and marketing will become a habit for your business.
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