Reasons to Advertise on TV

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    • Each advertising media has its own demographics. Newspapers serve the more affluent and educated population, and other media have similar specific demographic reach. TV transcends all of them, with 99 percent of all American households watching.


    • TV advertising works by visually showing the item or service and then reinforcing that message with an audio message. Most media can't provide both.


    • TV advertising in a small, local market is often a very cost-effective method of getting an advertising message out when compared with other local media.


    • With the new, larger TVs that are becoming commonplace, your visual advertising message can show a number of products or uses for a product and all of them will be seen.


    • TV allows for a variety of message styles, such as humorous, serious, frightening or matter of fact. This is much more variety than is possible with a text ad in a newspaper or magazine.

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