It Does Not Matter Whether a Democrat or a Republican Wins - Traffic Building Will Be the Winner!

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This year on Tuesday, 6th of November will be one of the most talked about day and on this day, the web and social media will be flooded with torrents of news and articles about the hottest issue in town. The day is called 2012 United States Election day. Let me prove to you that it does not matter whether a Democrat or a Republican wins; the one who knows how to pull the traffic will always be the winner!

This article is not about teaching you politics or choosing the better candidate. I will actually reveal to you how simple example like this can generate tons of traffic to work in your favour.

Just use Google Keyword Tool and do a search on 'United States presidential election', 'republican' and 'democrat' and you will see that there are millions of searches for such a monumental event. Just imagine when the very day reaches closer, how hot the traffic flow will be on the internet!

By being aware and alert for such searches, one can easily capitalize on such opportunity to generate huge traffic for many benefits; be it for brand building for your own forums or websites, selling related products that complement such event or just to build a larger fan base for your own website's endeavour.

This is just one of the examples that you can leverage on creating a traffic that flows to you. The possibilities are almost endless. By identifying a trend and anticipating the intensity of the traffic flow, you can pull the right kind of targeted visitors to come to you and be your customers, diehard fans, or even friends!

Let me just share another example with you (I know some of you are not fans of politics). Let us say that one of the hottest and most anticipated smart phones will be unveiled about 2 months from now. what should a traffic builder do to leverage on such an opportunity?

If I am a forum member or maybe even having a forum myself, I will inject some interesting contents such as what that smart phone is all about, what specification it has, leaked pictures of the product or even rumours in relation to the product. You will bound to have somebody over the internet who might be even remotely interested to read what you have to say (factually or even rumoured) in your own media portal.

In no time, more people will actually talk about it in your media portal. With the traffic you have generated successfully, it is up to you on how you want to deal with this traffic of yours.

As a traffic builder, ask yourself: Do you care who wins the presidential election, or do you care more on pulling the crowd to share with you on your own media portal and debating on who will win the coming presidential election? The choice is yours.
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