5 Ways To Increase Website Conversions With Undeniable Proof

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If you want to improve website conversions, one of the single easiest ways to do so is by adding the correct amount of proof, in the correct places, at the correct time.
It's not as hard as you think, and this article is going to show you exactly how to do so.
To start, I want you to think about the last time you bought something.
Would you EVER buy it from someone you didn't trust? Someone who didn't show the results they've had? Probably not.
The problem is, most people display their proof COMPLETELY wrong.
And if you're doing it wrong, you're losing sales.
A lot of sales.
With that said, here are 5 quick tips on adding proof to improve website conversions.
1) Show as many forms of media as possible (text, audio, video, etc.
This makes it appear more real and authentic to the reader.
2) Show proof after EVERY claim you make.
Doing this aligns your message with the thought sequence of the person reading your sales page.
In their mind, they're looking for proof after each claim, so they can mentally validate what you're saying.
So give it to them! 3) If you don't have specific proof after your claim, give an example showing your expertise.
For example, in a sales letter I recently wrote, there's a section talking about some results I've gotten and how I have the "ultimate playground" when it comes to knowing what works, and what doesn't, when it comes to increasing conversions and profits.
I then immediately follow that up with 2 specific strategies.
These are strategies you can literally use TODAY.
That way people get results before even buying the course.
Or, they realize how good the strategies are and buy right then.
4) Use different types of proof.
A few of them would include testimonials, case studies, credentials, who's talked about you, interviews, press releases, simply showing your expertise, people you've worked with and many more.
The more variety you can have, the better.
It shows that you're a prolific person and the more prolific you are, the more credibility and authority you have in the marketplace.
5) Make it FUN.
One of the ways you can do this is taking screenshots of the proof you have and putting it into a short, powerful video.
If you can add some upbeat music, that's even better.
This combines a few of the strategies above, while also making it visually appealing and interactive.
The Internet is all about interactivity these days with attention spans dropping like flies.
Take advantage of that.
Put those strategies into practice today.
It's a guaranteed way to improve website conversions, and it's easy.
People these days are tired of being taken advantage of by people who are running scams.
They're looking to align themselves with the leaders in the industry.
Be that leader by showing your proof.
As you can already tell, it's simple and easy.
Your website conversions will improve immediately, as well as your sales.
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