Noah St John"s Secret Code of Success Review

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Last Tuesday my Business Partner Ray Higdon had a Webinar With Noah St John. This webinar was actually put on because he was given a book called "The Secret Code of Success" by a friend of his. He then made a blog post about one concept in his book called Afformations. A few days later he got a call from Noah and decided to have him as a guest in last Tuesday's Webinar.

After listening to the webinar, I decided to purchase his book from and received it last Friday. So far, I have read the first 3 chapters. One of the things that he talks about in the book is dumping your head trash that is preventing you from succeeding. In this post, I will share with you what I have readin the first chapter of this book.


Noah explains that Americans spend approximately $11 billion a year on self help products, including books, DVDs diet pills, weight loss programs etc. He calls most of this information SHELF-help because that is where most of it goes. I can definitely relate to this and I am sure you can too, especially if you are in the network marketing industry.

Scales of Success

In this chapter he also talks about the Scales of Success, which is just like the scales of justice you have seen on courtroom TV shows. On one plate, you have your Why-To's (Benefits), which are your internal reasons why to do something. On the other plate you have your Why Not To's (Costs), which are your internal reasons why not to do something. You usually do something because the Benefits out weigh the costs and you usually don't do something because the Costs out weigh the benefits.

The Hidden Reason You're Stuck

Noah explains that the human mind operates the same way as an Iceberg. Only 5 to 10 percent of an iceberg is visible while the remaining 90-95 percent of the iceberg is hidden. Just like an iceberg, your mind is made up of two parts. The part that is visible (Above the surface) and the part that is concealed (Below the surface. The waterline is called the Line of Consciousness. The visible part, the 10 percent is your conscious mind and the hidden part, the 90% is your subconscious mind.

He then puts together the Scales of Success and the Iceberg of Consciousness. He says that your Why To's of Success are held in your conscious mind and your Why Not Tos of success are held in your Subconscious mind. Everyone wants to succeed on the conscious level, but on a subsconscious level, there is something that is holding a lot of people back. It is just like driving down the road in life.... with one foot on the brake.

In chapter 2 he talks about the"Little Assumption That is Costing You a Fortune" and in chapter three, he reveals the Secret Code. I highly recommend that you visit his website at where you can get access to the first three chapters of The Secret Code of Success. I guarantee that you will want to purchase the book so that you can get your business heading in the right direction. I don't get paid any commissions on any book sales by the way.
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