Business Marketing: Billboards Or Online Media?

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Billboard marketing is one of the oldest and famous forms of product promotion companies are embracing for many years. There are many ways of reaching the customers such as ads in radio, newspaper and magazines, and television. But because traveling and commuting from different places is a common activity of general public, billboard is the best way of attracting their attentions especially when placed in a good site. It usually has a striking message and a good picture.

However, there are number of disadvantages of using a billboard:

- Since they rely on the number of people passing a specific site, there are no indication on how many different people passes and can see the ad. Let's say, there are 10,000 people passing everyday, but there is a big probability that the number will fall or the same people are the ones passing the site everyday. And no one can be sure if all these passer by are looking at the ad.
- Weather condition affects the billboard; it can destroy the billboard and the frame itself. Weather and traffic condition can also affect the attention of passers by and the number of people that will travel on that specific time.
- Using billboard can cost a lot, depending on the location and size of the billboard.
- Message must be brief or really short since the target readers are moving or passing. Due to this, they are now often used as reminders or to lead people to another source such as website.
- They are vulnerable. Can easily be torn out or vandalized.

Because of these disadvantages, many businesses change and invest to online marketing. Using the internet, it made it costs lower than other business marketing strategies. It also has a greater probability to distribute information and reach targeted audience around the globe with minimal advertising budget. Customers can research and buy services and products conveniently. Through the real-time interaction nature of the online marketing, receiving and providing immediate response to interested audience make it a very convenient way of promoting and selling your products. And bringing quick results brings more appeal to target audience.

Unlike billboards, management can easily measure the statistics inexpensively and easily. Every visit, action and browse on the site or advertisement can be traced, tested and measured. They can use different ways to determine which method is more interesting to audience. Advertisers can manipulate the ads anytime and can provide more information in one setting. You can also choose your modern or animated designs with pictures or real images for your page.

This kind of marketing strategy refers to the position of media beside various stages of commitment of customers with each other, with a brand or a company, through SEO or search engine optimization, SEM or search engine marketing, web page banner, e-mail, and Web 2nd generation.

Online marketing is growing and making its name faster. Especially at this modern times where almost everyone is into internet browsing and rely on its speed and convenience it brings.
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