Unleash Your Marketing Virus

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Discover the immense power of viral marketing.

The easiest way to explain why viral marketing is so powerful would be to compare it to a "normal" virus. You've had the chicken pox, right? Maybe you caught it from a family member, a work colleague or a friend. Then you've carried the virus home and before you know it, your whole family has gone down with chicken pox!

Viral marketing is just the same - only without the itchy rash! Provide something of value, information on a given subject, through driving traffic to your website. Then the people who access your information pass it to their colleagues and friends, who pass it on to their's. And before you know it, your "information virus" starts to spread.

So how do you turn this "information virus" into hard cash?

This can be done in a several of ways:-

Include links to products of your own, or affiliate products;

Encourage people to register their email address with your before giving them the information. Then use the email address to recommend related information products;

or a mixture of both of the above.

So, what are the best forms of "information viruses"?

Quite simply any or all of: ebooks, articles, videos, audios and software.

Let's take a look at each of these and see how we can turn them into viral marketing super-bugs!

Create a valuable ebook, which contains links to your website(s) and give it away. Yes, give it away for nothing. And more over, allow people that you give it to to give it away aswell. If it's good enough, people will jump at the chance to give their subscribers a valuable resource for free. It helps build their trust and credibility.

Better still, give them an incentive to pass your books on. The best incentive? Let them MAKE MONEY by giving your books away! Make SOME of the links top affiliate products in your ebooks brandable.

By writing useful articles, that provide answers to people's questions, you can release a virus. If your article is posted to your blog, and proves popular, you can get an enormous amount of traffic if it is bookmarked on the social bookmarking sites such as Digg.com, StumbleUpon or Del.icio.us. If you have posted your article to article directories, such as ezinearticles.com or goarticles.com, you could find it posted on numerous websites and in ezines. All, of course, containing a link to your website in the "Author's Bio".

Videos and Audios work in the same way. Simply create a useful video or audio and make sure your website is mentioned throughout. Again, list owners will be falling over each other to promote your video or audio and you can soon have the viral marketing effect come in to play.

Software can be created (by yourself or a freelance programmer) or bought with rebranding rights. If the rights allow it, give the software away. It will have links to your website built in and could provide huge amounts of traffic. An allow others to give it away too.

Good luck in your viral marketing endeavours.
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