Time Tracking Solutions for the Modern Workforce

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uATTEND Time Clocks, July 2011 – In the fast-paced business world of today, time tracking has been certainly changed. In today's modern workplace, different employee groups have different needs for recording time. Gone are the days when all the workers compromised on the access to single time tracking device for monitoring their working hours. With the changing business needs, the idea of a single time clock is no more applicable.

Now, employees need to be able to track their time based on what they are doing during their working hours. For the fulfillment of this requirement, uAttend has offered time clocks that allow complete freedom to employees to track their working durations from different sources in real time. The time and attendance software is the best way to provide complete liberty to the employees and business managers to keep time tracking through easily accessible web based system.

With the smart and dynamic approach of uAttend time clocks, employee time tracking is no more a hassle both for the management and the workforce. Now, no one needs to be tied to the system to monitor their working hours and productivity. Through the highly advanced time and attendance software, one can still prove his efficiency and record the working hours and attendance. The affordable time clocks are embedded with efficient time and attendance software that are effective to update the daily work of employees. Due to the smart employee time tracking system, one can also judge employee versus employee on the basis of working hours and productivity delivered by them.

Keeping in view the dynamic workforce environment of today, uAttend time clocks are specifically designed to fulfill your business needs easily. The time and attendance software system of uAttend allow employees to punch with time clocks devices through web based sources like web browsers, iPhones, and smart phone apps. Being web based, time clocks are always accessible to the employees, making sure that the data is being collected from different sources through flexible time and attendance software.

Through the modernized and innovative time clocks, uAttend has launched an entirely new notion in employees' time tracking which is the core component for the business organization to step ahead to success in the competitive world of today. The efficient time and attendance software has eliminated the hassles of using any external software to track time of your employees. The plug and play uAttend time clocks are based on web-punching interface system which is especially designed with latest technologies to make the time tracking operations effectual and simpler for your business organization.
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