Oversized, Oval, Aviator or Wayfarer - It"s All About The Attitude

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Sunglasses are designed to provide shade from the bright and hot sunshine to cool the eyes, and cover from the dust while riding or driving. However, there is no doubting the fact that sunglasses are being worn as a piece of fashion accessory. They add to the beauty of one's face by enhancing the facial features or provide an enhancement to the overall look. A lot of women wear them to get a more ttractive appearance. They contemplate a lot about the kind of sunglasses they buy and the design that they wear for a particular occasion or pair with an outfit.

Wayfarers and aviator sunglasses are designs that have become lassics due to their association with the popular culture in movies and music or the military. A woman in a befitting pair of these sunglasses on a hot sunny day can find many admirers. Today, shades are everywhere, indoors or outdoors and day or night. For celebrities, socialites and party goers a pair of cool sunglasses is as essential as the pair of pants they are wearing. Apart from the protection and style, they also help them hide from annoying fans and paparazzi.

One of the styles of wayfarer sunglasses that are making a comeback is the large, acetate frames from the '60s and '80s. These sunglasses were popularised by Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn during the '60s and were again seen during the glamorous disco era that is the '80s. They made a fresh comeback as desirable retro pieces but have come to be accepted into the fashion trends. The advantage with oversized pieces is that they cover a larger area of your face when you are walking with the sun overhead. It also keeps away dust and other particles efficiently, due to its size.

With oval sunglasses you get a more unique look that is nonetheless stylish. Pulling off a sexy look with any pair of sunglasses is easy if you choose a style that suits your face structure and you can carry it confidently. With sunglasses it is all about the attitude and doing more with less. You just have to let the pair of shades work its charm without you trying too much. There is a lot of variation in oval sunglasses and each brand manages to produce its own style.

Sunglasses for women are also available in the sexy cat-eye design, the rectangular style and sporty/wraparound types. You can shop for them online or from any trusted eyewear store. Buying online will help you choose from more brands and designs in one store, thereby saving your precious time and energy. Ray Ban, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Vogue and Flying Machine are some of the popular brands of sunglasses. Apart from getting your orders delivered to your doorstep, you can also pay in the most convenient manner - with cash or through online methods.
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