More Than Champagne and Hot Chicks? Are You Attending Your Companies" Next Corporate Event?

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Champagne and hot chicks are always a bonus, even a married heterosexual woman myself can appreciate the entertainment of the corporate event but from a business stand point you must recognize the power of attending your companies corporate event.
Embrace "it came straight from the horses' mouth" Aspiring networkers should utilize their time at their companies corporate event by embracing the concept "it came straight from the horses' mouth".
What does this mean? Do you want to know what the future holds for your company? Who doesn't, right? Well, rub elbows with the top producers and top officers and you will surely unlock a view into the future of your company.
Don't be coy, or attempt to deceive, just be you, be human and be real, make connections, ask questions and always be polite.
Seeing the big picture.
When you are focused on building your home business it is easy to lose tract of watching trends, market analysis and future product development, after all your spending all of your time building your business, right? Well, when you attend your companies corporate event you get the inside peak as to what is coming up, what's next and how to run with the information.
Think this information isn't valuable, just try it with out it and let me know how it goes.
Creating a successful home business will require you to know how to keep it building.
Having the your company share with you the big picture of the company trends, what is coming and how to present it.
Priceless! Take this to the bank! Networking.
Are you surprised? You shouldn't be, our world is in a time of its not what you know it is a matter of who you know.
Networking is the number one reason to attend your companies next corporate event.
If you want to be successful, talk to your peers, ask them what is working for them and what they have discovered makes their home business successful.
After all who better to know the in's and out's of your business then those who have been where you are now but are currently riding the road to success and financial freedom.
Most successful networkers are firm believers that peer to peer networking is vital to the growth and development of any home business.
So there you have it, the top 3 reasons to attend your companies next corporate event, proving that their are more perks than champagne and hot chicks but hey that doesn't hurt, right? Read below
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