An Advertising Staple That Just Gets Better All the Time - Magnetic Calendars For Your Business

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Calendar Magnets as Gifts There are only a few months until 2009.
Do you have something small yet thoughtful to give to customers or clients? Better yet, do you have a little something for new customers? Don't wait until the count down for the new year to think up a gift that everyone can use as well as keeping your business information front and center.
Magnet calendars for the 2009 year are really the answer.
The business card part of the calendar keeps important contact information at their fingertips.
Plus we can all use a handy calendar.
Types of Calendar Everyone can use a calendar.
One that would be good for everyone shows all the important dates for the year, including religious and political holidays.
For example what day is Easter this year? These calendars show Thanksgiving, Flag Day, President's Day and Memorial Day.
This magnet will help a family schedule as they plan ahead.
Then as they all find times and days that need notice, your company name and information is right there to easily use.
Each family will grow accustomed to using that handy calendar on the refrigerator or file cabinet.
There are also many other types of calendars that are all quality products.
School calendars with special dates or high school and college sports are important.
But no matter what the calendar, it will be used more than you can imagine.
  Information Needed on a Calendar To make the calendar worth your while, you'll want to have your contact information easy to see and use.
There are many fonts, colors and perhaps pictures of your own to catch a customer's eye.
You'll want the name of your business, phone and fax number, website and location.
Even the shape you chose reflects the quality work you want your business to be known.
It's good for a whole year!
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