Consumer Decisions Are Made From Our Emotions

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This is without a doubt the most overlooked rule in copywriting strategy.
And even as a real estate investor about to embark on a postcard campaign, you should keep this uppermost in your mind.
Sure, people may say they research the products they intend to buy.
And, sure, consumers may say they search for the best prices.
And they may even say that they create charts with the advantages and disadvantages of specific products.
And in many cases they really do perform all these acts.
But when the ultimate decision is being made, more often than not, the consumer chooses using his gut emotions.
Don't believe for a moment that your targeted audience is any different.
You can barrage him with facts .
figures .
logical arguments .
all aimed at why selling his home right now to you is the right move.
And of course you should present these compelling cases.
If, however, you can create some emotional connection then you've really made that ultimate connection and have practically ensured your sale.
If, on the other hand, you can't excite him to the benefits of this decision, then you haven't closed the sale.
So in addition to making a logical argument .
don't forget to make an emotional pitch as well.
What are some of the emotional reasons people buy? To gain peace of mind .
to increase their financial bottom line .
to feel better about themselves in general .
out of fear of losing something .
even from greed.
If you're reading this, thinking that this "rule" doesn't apply to the real estate market, you're only fooling yourself.
Emotions play a powerful role in every single decision we make - even those that aren't really consumer related.
Let me give you one very dramatic example.
It's from 1960.
And it relates to a decision far more important than what dress to buy for the upcoming dinner party.
It involves, in fact, the presidential election.
That's right.
The tipping point of this election occurred during the debate during the campaign between the two candidates, Richard M.
Nixon for the Republicans and John F.
Kennedy for the Democrats.
The debated was not only broadcast on all three (and yes there were only three) television networks and all the radio stations as well.
Afterward, voters were asked who had won the debate.
Those who had listened on the radio said it was Nixon - hands down.
Those who had viewed the debate on television believed that Kennedy had won.
In fact, this was the overwhelming opinion.
Why? Because Nixon wore a five o'clock shadow - the telltale shadowy outline of a beard that had been shaved too far ahead of the debate.
Kennedy just looked more presidential.
Never underestimate the ever present emotional appeal of a major decision .
whether it's a minor purchase a major consumer decision or even the choice of the president of the United States.
If you can not only logically persuade your audience to your side, but win them over emotionally, then you have closed that sale.
And yes, you can do this through your postcard mailing for your real estate investment firm.
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