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When a couple formally decides to announce their wedding plans and they want to have an engagement ceremony, family and friends gather to wish them success and happiness in their future plans. There are two types of cards that may be given and received in such events. The first is by the hosts who make the announcement of the engagement and the second is given by the guests and loved ones to convey their good wishes.

Engagement announcement cards may be similar to the wedding announcement cards but a little less expensive and elaborate. The date, time and venue of the ceremony and the names of the couple and their parents or guardians and the name of the persons hosting the ceremony are generally included in the card. It may be a simple, elegant design with classic lettering and worded in simple terms or it could be a funky, fun card designed by the couple themselves, with humorous quotes or cartoons. On a lighter note, if you send an engagement card, it's one way of ensuring that you're invited to the main event that is the wedding itself!

The second type of engagement card is given by the invitees to the function or is sent by those who are not able to make it to the ceremony but want to convey their good wishes. These cards also come in a variety of designs, shapes, sizes and with different kinds of embellishments.

Sentimental: If the couple is well-known or are family members, a great option is to send a charming, romantic engagement card which conveys that you understand the emotions that they share. These cards may be in pastel colors with elegant touches of gold or silver edging, ribbons and flower pictures, landscapes or fine art prints. These cards are also suited for older couples or those who are not getting married for the first time.

Funky: If the couple or the senders are young, a humorous card would be appropriate. However, it's important to remember not to offend good taste, or send a card with jokes or puns that are racist, ageist, sexist or in any other way offensive. Unless you're completely sure about what kind of humor would be appreciated, it's not a good idea to send one of these cards. However, contemporary art, computer-designed, on unusual materials like plastic, fiber glass, terracotta etc would be welcomed.

Hand-crafted/Personalized: Customized designs, original poetry, photograph-cards or hand-made cards reflect the trouble that you have taken to make something special. These cards often become keepsake items that can be passed on down the family as memorabilia.

Whatever your personal style, there are engagement cards to suit every taste and budget. These are available at your local bookstore or supermarket. Otherwise, you can visit one of the greeting-card large franchisees where you can view thousands of cards and pick the appropriate one. Finally, an e-greeting would also be a great option!

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