Building Your Network Marketing Business Online With Attraction Marketing

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Is it really that difficult to use the Internet to get free leads for your Network Marketing business? I don't think so and what I want to do is share something with you that most Networkers know very little about.
It is the process of Attraction Marketing.
Of course there are many gurus on the Internet who want to sell you their systems, but they actually know very little about Network Marketing and probably have never built a MLM business.
So they are always advertising that they have the secret, but you have to pay to get it.
I personally have found a great mentor who is willing to share with me how he gets hundreds of FREE leads per day and I am going to pass along his formula so others can share in our online success.
The first thing you will need in order to launch your Attraction Marketing program is a Blog.
In case you don't know, setting up a blog on WordPress is free.
Don't you just like the sound of FREE? Most of the things that are free are not worth much, however the more I learn about building a MLM Network Marketing business online, the more I find out you really can generate an unlimited number of Leads for FREE! I have heard the word blog for a long time but I really never understood what a blog is.
In a nutshell, a blog becomes the Hub of your MLM business, the place where you brand yourself and create your presence on the Internet by delivering valuable content for those seeking information about the Network Marketing business.
Here is the bottom line of chasing people versus having people come to you: It is YOU they want to be in business with, not your MLM company! Did you get that? Go back and read the previous sentence again.
For the past several years I have spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours trying to promote my Network Marketing company, and could never develop momentum or profit.
I was literally wearing myself out getting nowhere.
It was an ongoing process of chase, try to convince, try to sell, get a "NO" or "Let Me Think About It", and then starting the process all over again.
Have you been there, done that? And you don't want to or absolutely won't do it again? Then you are going to love the Attraction Marketing process.
NEVER again will you have to chase people, try to convince or sell them because as you continue to post articles on your blog with relevant content about how to build a Network Marketing business, YOU will become the authority in the MLM industry and people will get in line to be in business with YOU.
Your Network Marketing company is no longer the deciding factor.
It is YOU and the credibility you gain by giving people answers to their questions and the leadership they are looking for.
Now you know one of the first steps to getting free leads on the Internet and how important it is to have a blog as the Hub of your Network Marketing business.
It is all about branding yourself as an industry expert.
Refuse to settle for average! Jim Brollier
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