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"If You Value Me..
Give Me Value" In all your marketing attempts, it is good to remember the following: Your click through rate Your sign ups Your sales, Your repeat sales and long term business...
All depend on the Value of your product.
Creating value in your products is the key to acquiring and keeping loyal customers.
For beginning list builders, whether you are selling products, doing affiliate marketing, or giving away products for free..
your product must have value.
Who determines the value? Well first of all the seller sets a value.
If the only value to the seller is the monetary gain he gets from it, it will come across as cheap goods as compared to a product that the seller values himself.
For example, if I'm advertising an affiliate product and it's one I've tried and proven to work for me, I'll be better able to portray that sense of value to someone else.
It'll come across more as sharing than selling.
"Arlin, you've really got to try this..
here'swhat it's done for me.
" The buyer finally determines the value of a product by his actions..
he either buys or he doesn't.
If it was valuable he'll be back for more.
(Later on he'll sign up as an affiliate.
) You can set a value on your product and maybe, or maybe not, that will impress the prospective customer.
Quite often you see statements that describe how much the product "is worth.
"Generally an honest price placed on the product is sufficient.
Too cheap may be just as bad as too expensive.
The prospective buyer can possibly be left with the feeling that the seller doesn't think too highly of his own product if he's priced it too low.
The implied or selling value of your product is determined by the following: 1.
How professionally you come across.
What's in it for the customer.
What bonuses are included.
Price The actual value of your product depends on the following..
in order of importance: 1.
The real impact it makes on your customers' life..
what did it do for him? 2.
Did it really work like you promise? 3.
Is it even better than you said it'd be? 4.
Throughout the whole process how did you make the customer feel? 5.
Your follow up and honest customer service
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