Is Your Method Of Lead Generation In Trinidad And Tobago

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They say you have to roll with the changes. Let's be honest though, it can be hard to let go of our way of doing things. Right now, you've got to ask yourself, Is my method of lead generation in Trinidad and Tobago In, or Out?

By that, we mean, are you using inbound, or outbound forms of marketing?
Inbound marketing is where consumers come to you through various strategies, including social media, blogs, ebooks, search engine optimization (SEO), or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Outbound marketing is pushing your message out to the audience. The messages are widely distributed through methods such as print or TV ads, cold calling, banner ads, press releases, email marketing, or direct mail.

Both are aimed at getting out your message, but inbound marketing is the newer kid on the block. It is less intrusive, and it costs less than outbound. According to some stats from Pamorama, The cost per lead in outbound marketing is 62% higher than for inbound. This is not to say that outbound marketing has no place it does. You simply need to consider your company, it's goals, and the budget you have to work with.

You also need to consider the target audience. Consumers 18-34 are far more likely to respond to inbound marketing. One reason, they are more connected to the technology involved. They are also used to the idea of researching purchasing decisions and exploring their options.

That being said...
There is some debate that outbound marketing is over. However, there are statistics from a recent Marketer's Benchmark Report mentioned in B2C shows marketers rank brand awareness, email marketing, and event marketing all outbound strategies, as their most critically important initiatives. Our most recent blog about inviting email marketing includes some positive statistics about the success of such campaigns, and offers best practice tips.

Be inclusive
We believe that creating an integrated campaign between the two forms is the best path to success. The key is driving awareness and brand credibility. Both can be achieved through mixing the two tactics effectively. Outbound methods can create name recognition and reach a wide audience. Inbound marketing can generate conversation, sharing, and help to perpetuate the image of a helpful, knowledgeable company.

Know your customers and create messaging that speaks to them. Don't forget to shake things up once in a while. Once consumers get bored with your routine message, they may leave. Lead generation in Trinidad and Tobago doesn't have to be a difficult choice. Both inbound and outbound marketing methods can help you identify potential customers, and better yet, keep them engaged.

How do most of your customers come to you? Contact us and we can help you build an integrated marketing campaign so that you don't miss anyone.
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