Consistency Is the Key to Success!

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Being consistent in small daily tasks is not an easy thing to do.
One day you are on top of your game, and the next day you're not able to follow through on a good routine.
It seems really easy to get distracted and skip important activities for the day.
Once you get sidetracked from your priorities, it can be hard to go back to being productive.
You suddenly find yourself not doing anything on the following week.
This is exactly what happens when you are looking for, calling and following up prospects.
It's so easy to neglect this simple and important activity - delay doing it until you realize that your business is not growing.
To achieve massive life changing success, you have to be consistent in your daily actions which are directly involved with your network marketing business.
This is especially important if you are leading a large team because you have to set the pace.
As a leader, you have to be a role model to your business partners.
You can't just sit in one corner and not want to pick up the phone because you are too lazy.
How can you expect your team members to make phone calls when you are not prepared to do it yourself? The concept of prospecting is similar to that of losing weight as they both stem from a goal of trying to impress someone.
When you try to lose weight, you want others to appreciate how good-looking you have become.
In prospecting, you want to show your team members that you are able to bring in more people in the business.
So you sign up to an expensive gym and purchase expensive sports outfits and in some cases even hire a personal trainer.
All these efforts are great and you are ready to start your fitness regimen as your plans are intact.
You have started with a good routine until two weeks later, your friend calls to say that she is popping over and you decide to skip your workout for the day since you cannot let your friend down.
Next day, you have to take your dog to the vet, thus, another excuse not to hit the gym.
This goes on until you don't bother to go to the gym anymore.
With the procrastination you have done, you end up wasting money because you have to renew your gym membership and you haven't really lost any weight yet.
So what's the best approach to losing weight? Disregard the gym membership and additional expenses on exercise clothing and a personal trainer.
Just keep it simple and start to walk at least 10,000 steps a day and try increasing the number of steps each week.
Although this may not sound like a very impressive achievement at first, with consistent effort, you will progress towards your goal.
Once you have increased endurance because of consistency, you can start jogging and this is where you will eventually see the difference.
It's about small steps that you do regularly.
When it comes to prospecting, the application of consistency is just the same as losing weight.
First, you have to make a list of people that you need to call.
Start with one phone call a day and after a few days, increase this number.
Slowly, you can add other prospecting tools like online marketing; and when you can manage it, you can add more techniques.
Before you know it, you are making five to ten phone calls a day.
Just remember that it will take time and consistent daily action to build your confidence and finally get out of your comfort zone.
Just take small steps every day and you'll be surprised that your efforts have led to a compounding effect that will result to success in prospecting.
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