Creative Ways In Designing Impressive And Noticeable Business Cards

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When it comes to business development, what is important is you develop economical marketing strategies. Its not always that you have plenty of money to carry out an elaborate and expensive marketing campaign. If you carry out and maintain an affordable campaign, it would be easy for you to earn money and at the same time gather a loyal base of customers.

One good and affordable marketing tool you can still use and trust these days is business card printing. The business cards may be simple and outdated (as some business owners say), but they remain to be a potent marketing tool. But with every other business owner creating their own business card today, it is important that you create cards that stand out. You need to use your creativity to come up with impressive and noticeable cards.

Here are some creative ways to make your business cards become noticeable and memorable:

1. Use your scissors to cut out the sides of your cards. This will surely give a different look to the edges of your card while maintaining its standard shape and size. Exercise caution in cutting the edges as this can make your card tear off easily.

2. Before you hand out your cards, make sure to write a personal note on it. This will help the recipient remember you easily. You dont have to be overly creative in the note. As long as it is personal and sincere, that would be enough to help people remember you.

3. Put special discounts, rewards, or incentives in your cards. Tell your target customers to bring your card when they purchase from you to avail of the discount or incentive. This will surely encourage them to hold on to your card. If you put a deadline on the discounts, your prospects will be compelled to act at once before the offer expires.

4. Put a catchy sticker in your cards. This is a great way to catch peoples attention and make your cards stand out. Your customers can even consider peeling off the sticker and attach it somewhere else. Make sure that when the sticker is peeled off your logo is revealed so as not to put an empty space in your card. You can even consider putting the discounts underneath the sticker. This will surely make your customers excited to peel off the sticker to see how much discount they can get.

5. Create magnet cards. If you have enough budget, you can always consider creating magnetic cards which people can stick on their refrigerator door or any metal surface. This will surely help keep your card in front of your customers. Every time they open the fridge or their metal cabinet, they will see your card and remember you.

One good tip in creating your unique business cards is to create different sets of cards. Because you cant expect to tell everything in just one card, it would be best if you create several cards. For instance, if you have several businesses or hold several positions in your company, you can create one card for each business or position. It would help if you can create business card samples to see how your cards will look personally. This will ensure your cards look presentable and professional in front of your customers.
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