The Top 3 Acupuncture Marketing Mistakes

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Having built my own successful acupuncture practice and coached many other acupuncturists to do the same, It has become very clear to me why so many acupuncturists struggle to build their dream practice.
Here are the top 3 acupuncture marketing mistakes that lead to often extreme challenges for acupuncturists in doing the work they love and getting paid very well for it.
Poor lead generation: The life blood of any small business boils down to how effectively the business can generate leads on a consistent basis.
Most acupuncturists just don't get enough exposure in their local area.
In my experience, the best way to generate qualified leads as an acupuncturist is through the internet.
I recommend setting up a direct response-based website and then driving as much traffic to it as possible through a combination of social media marketing, pay per click advertising, and search engine optimization This has worked extremely well for me and many of my coaching clients.
Inability to retain patients:
Most acupuncture schools do not train students on the art of patient retention and communication, which is really one of the most important skill sets you can master in private practice.
I consider it a primary goal to educate every single patient to the point where they can clearly see the broader scope of what I can offer them--beyond just eliminating their immediate presenting complaint.
This is so important because if a patient comes in with shoulder pain and you DON'T effectively educate them, they will likely give it 2-3 treatments and --whether their pain is better or worse--they will leave your practice.
Limiting beliefs around money and success
: Most acupuncturists I have worked with struggle with their innate self-worth, even though they are usually very bright and have a tremendous amount to offer.
Others are stuck in what I call 'poverty consciousness' which means they don't take money and business seriously or they believe that healers should not get paid well, that it's somehow unethical to make a lot of money while helping people to lead healthier lives.
All 3 of these problems are highly workable.
It just takes a willingness to change and the right support.
When these blocks are released, there is literally nothing stopping you from building your dream acupuncture practice!
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